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Garage Cabinets

SCV Garage Professionals has designed a Garage Cabinet line that perfectly organizes your garage space. As our products complement each other, you can select from a variety of combinations and colors to do a complete makeover of your garage. These cabinets are custom manufactured on a first come first serve basis for high quality, contemporary aesthetics.

White cabinets with 15" stainless steel handles and mounted 4" to 6" off the garage floor. This allows
your garage to be dirt and dust free.






Maple cabinets with either "15 inch stainless handles or as seen above you have the option of choosing brush aluminum  channel pull handles where it allows the user to grab any where on the cabinet to give greater ease to open and close doors.



SCV Garage Professionals offers many different colors and finishes of our cabinet choices. Above is
our charcoal finish which is an excellent choice for those who love that traditional garage shop look.




These beautiful cherry cabinets are extremely rich in color and will give any garage the look and feel of an extension of your home. The garage is one of the largest rooms in the house, so why not give your home the priority  it deserves. 

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